A gift from Allah SWT

Hi readers, this time I would like to write about the Key Dates in my Australia Awards Scholarship application

06 February 2015/Friday

I opened my e-mail inbox and there was a congratulatory email: “Congratulations again on your successful application. Please find the attached (4 page) official letter from Australia Awards-Indonesia. Hardcopy letters will be sent during this week to your address stated on your application form”

Do you know what I felt that time? I was crying. Finally, I did it. It means the new journey of my life will be starting soon.

photogrid_1423287593773Thank you to everyone who had supported me and prayed for my success in this scholarship selection process.

08-10 January 2015/Thursday – Saturday

I attended the interview from Joint Selection Team and IELTS test. Don’t ask me about the questions in that interview session. I was really nervous that time, but Mr Phillip and Ibu Yeti were very kind and they made me very comfortable and answered all questions in English (but that time I forgot the English from Perkebunan Sawit, :-p)

The awesome moments were the meeting with my friend in Aceh. Thank you Fajar Malvinas for having accompanied us (me and Rivai) to traveled around Banda Aceh.

About the IELTS, I had told you in my previous post. This time I would like to reveal the score. I got overall 6.0 with the details: writing 6.0, speaking 5.5, reading 6.0 and listening 5.5. This score enables me to join 4.5 months of Pre Departure Training at IALF Jakarta. I will start the PDT on May 2015.

24 November 2014/Monday
I was attending IALF Candidate Briefing for preparation of JST Interview. Unfortunately I didn’t meet other candidates from DGT. I went to Airport after the briefing.

13 November 2014/Thursday

I got en email from AAS. It was an invitation email to join the JST Interview Test and IELTS test. Yippee, I was one of candidate from about 900 candidates who were invited to be interviewed by Jont Selection Team (JST). There were 24 master candidates from DGT.

30 April 2014/Wednesday

OASIS was closed. The selection process for 2014/2015 intake used an online system for candidates from Targeted Area (Key Agencies and Focus Geographic Area). It was a pilot project.  How lucky we are being the first candidates to use this system. Thank you Dinni Hayyati and Mbak Rissa. They are the best person in supporting my application.

04 March 2014/Tuesday

The result of internal selection was announced and I was one of the successful person who was allowed to send the application to Australia Awards Scholarship. There were 27 people being master applicant’s nomination from DGT.But the date on the announcement Letter was 28 February 2014.

17-19 February 2014/Monday – Wednesday

17 February. It was the selection day for internal selection from DGT. It was Tes Potensi Akademik.

18 February 2014. I attended the GoI Key Agency Applicant Briefing at the IALF Jakarta for Masters and PhD Applicants.  I met my school mate there. Rizki Juanda. He was an awardee for 2013/2014 intake. That time I wish I could win the scholarship, just like Rizki.

19 February 2014. It was the internal selection day for Psykology Test.

14 February 2014/Friday

The result of administration selection by DGT was announced.

7 February 2014/Friday

It was the deadline day to submit all documents were required in the administration selection test DGT. Alhamdulillah, my documents were arrived to Head Office of DGT before 17.oo pm WIB.

30 Januari 2014/Thursday

An offer letter for Australia Awards Scholarship 2014/2015 Intake was announced by my institution/ Directorate General of Taxes (DGT).


Preparation in 2013


I went to my college to translate my degree and my transcript. Thank you Dedy Amirsyah  for accompanying me.

10 December 2013. I was following the ITP TOEFL Test at YPPIA-AMINEF and I got the score 510. Yes…i got the score over 500, the minimum score for applying Australia Awards Scholarship.